Our team of experienced commercial real estate professionals understands the challenges of the most complex real estate investments.

With a proactive, results-orientated approach that focuses on maximizing asset values, BetaWest has the expertise to help you execute your business plan. We employ an unyielding dedication to customer service; extensive experience and appreciation of urgency to deliver the results you’re looking for—and beyond.

Our approach demonstrates relentless dedication to client satisfaction:

  • We employ systems and analytics to guide you through dynamic and ever changing real estate markets.
  • Our flexibility in reporting provides assurance that your financial objectives are being monitored.
  • We are focused on the ultimate goal of maximizing your cash flow and increasing the net value of your real estate.
  • We track leading performance indicators and capital market conditions, evaluate performance against business plans and ensure compliance with key loan and operating agreements.

By treating every investment like it is our own, we use our industry knowledge, market insights and valued relationships to formulate the best possible outcomes. BetaWest brings a rigorous, senior-level approach to assessing situations and identifying opportunities; formulating business plans; and executing business strategies.

BetaWest has a collective knowledge across numerous property classes, which enables us to help you manage everything from large portfolios to single assets—through all phases of the business and investment cycles. Whether you’re seeking new investments or evaluating an existing portfolio, we will initially work closely with you to ensure we understand the depth of your needs and to enable key decisions in a timely manner.

BetaWest is able to form independent opinions on pricing and occupancy through evaluation of several key factors, including competitive properties and analyzing critical supply and demand drivers. We combine this assessment with a thorough understanding of:

  • Property departmental costs and ratios
  • Employee/position productivity
  • Critical expense items to determine the accuracy of budgets and forecasts

The underwriting process typically identifies potential risk factors and upside opportunities during the projection period, including operating efficiency and execution issues.

BetaWest has a thorough understanding of complex capital structures and the operational issues confronting an asset or portfolio of assets. Our property-level knowledge coupled with institutional understanding allows us to assist you in negotiating loan agreements to your benefit—whether a loan is delinquent, in foreclosure, or classified.